Monday, July 6, 2009

Am I Dreaming?

Am I in California? Because the apartment keeps shaking...

Ah, no! It's the Department of Transportation continuing their "repairs" of my street, which they ripped up several weeks ago and then left mainly unfinished until today. I'm sure, given they wrapped things up at 3 PM and the given workers are union, that the street remains unfinished and a repeat visit is in order.

That said, an amusing start to the day...


  1. Ah yes, DOT. They were "fixing" the road in front of Brooklyn Navy Yard where I used to work. They would show up after 10, leave before 4 and have a nice lunch break in between. Took close to, if not more than, a year to finish the job. Meanwhile the bus was rerouted.

  2. OY VEY. Just what I don't need. Although it *was* nice to have the screeching of the playgroup kids drowned out, i.e., it's nice to know that SOMETHING is actually louder than them. :) They were in fine form today, btw- outside for almost 4 hours. I called Barb because I was ready to go absolutely postal.

    Making a mental note to buy a water gun. ;)

  3. And, on the topic of the DOT, what's with the bull horn at 7 AM? I mean, can't their workers hear them without it? They're only a few metres away!