Monday, July 13, 2009

Alcohol and Cancer Risk in Women

GREAT. Just when I had convinced myself that a beer or two a week was okay (since I basically was a zero drinker for ions), the UK publishes a study that kills my buzz. Literally.


  1. Ah, to hell with them! Everything is OK in moderation, honestly!

  2. Well, B'H' and pass me a brew, sister. :)

  3. Even your study is showing that up to 2 drink a week didn't increase the risk. So cheers! Gotta go! Those Heinekens won't cool themselves by SubHub's arrival.

  4. SW, true on the article's point that 2/wk is fine. Problem is, I seem to be getting my 2 just on Shabbat alone. Guess I'll have to learn the art of the half glass- or buy a baby kiddush cup.

    Enjoy the Heineken. ;)

  5. Read the last paragraph, the one before the link.

    Btw, the article is very skewed and the author is a nutritionist and not a doctor.
    From another article:
    "Women in the study who drank alcohol consumed, on average, one drink per day, which is typical in most high-income countries such as the U.K. and the U.S. Very few drank three or more drinks per day. With an average follow-up time of more than 7 years, 68,775 women were diagnosed with cancer."

    One drink per day!

    Other questions to ask:
    What else did they eat/drink? Did they exercise? What was their general health? Medication taken? et cetera, ad nauseum.

    Never believe some reporter's article about any study unless you've seen the results of the study yourself. The articles are always skewed and written to be controversial.