Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dear John

As so aptly put by my co-worker, we got update emails from my previous employer late yesterday afternoon. It would seem that due to the economic meltdown, our multi-national client drastically cut scope, with predictable result being that most of us contractors are ix-nay for "the next phase".

While I am generally worried about where my next job is coming from at this point (it's been a month already of the sending off the applications, cold-calling, and following up routine), I can honestly say "Good riddance" to that project. Not that I let more than a 2% of my brain retain hope that I might get rehired come August, mind you, but there was some solace in the potential.

At least I can finally delete a few GBs from my cantankerous, outdated laptop, and get the required technological closure. I'm still waiting to hear whether the Content Manager will be providing me with a letter of reference. Let's hope she has enough class to do so, although the odds in that department aren't good. Anyhow, wish me luck in the job search!


  1. Have you tried craigslist and monster?

  2. Yes, I'm on those. Although with what I do, a lot of jobs are "word of mouth", etc. So I've spent a lot of time trying to network too, which as an extroverted introvert, is just plain BLAH.

    Anyhow, Hashem should please send me my next job this month, meretz Hashem, bli ayin hara!