Sunday, December 21, 2008

Notes on a Sunday

Since yesterday turned out to be a 21-hour day for me- I went to bed at 7 PM Friday night, and consequently got up at 5:45 AM Saturday morning- I wound up sleeping in this morning. B'H', I managed to daven by chatzot, which I'm so very grateful is clocking in at almost noon these days.

While in the past half hour the day has suddenly turned glorious outside, I've been dashing about the apartment all day doing my "first Sunday off" errands in-house. All you women know exactly what I'm referring to- hand-washing, cooking for the week, renewing library books that I still have not managed to get through, etc.

I then tackled the menorah, which managed to have a lot more wax remaining on it than I remembered when putting it away last year. I took me a good half-hour of scrubbing it with steel wool to get all the little rivulets off, and then an additional one to inspect the candles for broken ones and set up tonight's candles. So finally I've arrived at the fun part: I scoured the internet for yeast-free baked vegan doughnuts. Yes, yes, I know. But I happen to have gotten into the habit of vegan baking when eggs were so expensive over the summer, and have found vegan baking very convenient for those "What do I have in the house" moments. As for yeast-free, despite having been at ShopRite last night, along with all of Boro Park, did I remember to buy yeast? You know the answer.

Having actually found a recipe, which I really more hoping to find versus expecting to find , I spent the last 15 minutes figuring out a workaround for not having a non-stick doughnut pan. I decided I could simply shape the doughnuts into rounds and then use a small glass to cut out the center. I will of course let everyone know how they turn out.

And with that, you will excuse me, but there are several people that I have neglected to call back during this past week, what with all the work craziness. Time to hop to it!

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