Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Family of Blue Jays

Yesterday I looked out my window in the middle of the snowfall and saw the craziest sight. There, in the tree that abuts my landlord's yard was an entire flock of blue jays in addition to the usual Brooklyn sparrows.

I got the strangest feeling when I saw those birds, let me tell you. After getting over my initial shock- I have never seen a single blue jay since moving to the US, and now here's a half-dozen on the tree in my back yard while it's snowing????- I couldn't shake the feeling that this sighting was supposed to mean something. As much as I try not to put stock in "signs", I felt deep down within me that Hashem was trying to send me a message. Especially since one bird in the group looked straight at me. Repeatedly.

As for what it all could potentially mean, the jury is still out. But one thing I did learn from it already is how very homesick I seem to be. I actually teared up because I saw something so distinctly "from home" if you will. And I suppose if I can have a reaction like that, it demonstrates how strongly I remain connected to the Great White North. What can I tell you? Life is very strange indeed.

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