Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Continuously Traumatized

Last night I read a new post by one of my favourite bloggers, SubWife. You can find the post, which was about the media's portrayal of the Mumbai attacks here.

All I can report is that everything I have read about the attacks has caused me to bawl like a baby. What is so odd is that I was never cold to such attacks previously, yet somehow Mumbai resonated with me on a level I have never experienced before. Perhaps it was the level of methodical disrespect for human life that the attacks demonstrated. Or perhaps it was a reaction to the media's portrayal of the incident in neutral terms, as a countermeasure to their emotionless reporting.

Whatever the cause, it was somewhat of a relief to see that one of the top MSN searches for several days following the attacks was for Moshe Holzberg, or specifically "Son of Dead Rabbi". As horrible as the search title is, I found solace in the fact that people cared enough to conduct searches on that specific part of the attacks. I was personally hoping to learn more about the nanny, who demonstrated with her actions a total appreciation for life that the terrorists lacked.

What else can I say? There are no words that can express the outpouring of emotion that the attacks has unleashed world-wide. Only tefillah, teshuvah, tzedakkah and chesed can begin to reestablish the correct balance in the world- one where the innate goodness in people wins out over the innate evil.

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  1. Thanks for the plug!

    It was nice to know that people weren't as indifferent as the media. My co-worker is Indian, also one of her distant relatives was among hostages, but was let go, and she provided far more details than the media,and trust me, I looked. She was most shocked by the callousness and complete disregard for life, something not emphasized at all by CNN, AP, etc.

    Maybe someone should educate them that there's a diference between objectivity and indifference.