Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quick Wishes

First, a most happy, happy birthday to my dear friend Alice, who is back in Canada. I love you to bits, Alice, and I hope this year is SPECTACULAR. Just you know what a great sense of humour she has, when I wrote her to take time out for herself today, even if it is just drinking tea in her backyard as she watches the birds (she lives right by a beautiful park), she responded "I think my birds have migrated". She cracks me up!

This afternoon is my final interview with that permanent job I mentioned a few posts again. So, please keep davening for me, because I would so love it if Hashem would decide that the job is right for me; it seems like I could really enjoy being there. So, it should all turn out in my favour, bli ayin hara.

Tomorrow is the briefing for the deposition involved in my lawsuit. It's turning out to be quite the busy week. While I'm asking, let's hope that all goes well too (bli ayin hara). You know, considering how often I say it, I should probably start using an abbreviation for bli ayin hara. Hmmmm. How does bah sound everyone? After all, considering my frequent utterings thereof, I'm sure I sound like a sheep, LOL.

Talk to you all later!

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