Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why don't I just address it to Saudi Sheik?

Today, I had the joy of receiving my gas bill.

As mentioned in previous posts, I tend to be rather conservative with my energy use due to growing up in Canada. So I was very surprised to see my bill jump by quite a few dollars this month. Upon inspection of my bill, I became aware of certain details.

First, the several dollars difference over last month was due to my having used just 1 more therm. Well, that didn't seem right. So I re-read the bill. And I was still dissatisfied with the explanation offered therein (albeit annoyed to see that I paid MTA surcharge on my gas delivery. Seriously- at this rate, how can the MTA even be charging fares to New York residents, what with how widespread this "surcharge" is being applied? More like surcharges ad infinitum. Sheesh.). So I called Customer Service.

The CSR was most apologetic and explained all the undocumented reasons why my bill was higher. My favourite was the 10 cents difference this month over last month for the price of oil. Fabulous. Yet another way that yiddin in New York are supporting our friends in Saudi and their compatriots across the Middle East. I hope the sheiks in question enjoy milking me for my extra shekalim.

So, once again, I am amazed and appalled by the state of New York's infrastructure. And I fill the need to repose the question: Why oh why do New Yorkers tolerate it?

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