Sunday, November 15, 2009


Thanks to SW for her comment. It was timely indeed: this layl Shabbos, I ran into a fan, who lamented the demise of this blog.

Basically, I had made the decision to kill this blog, but didn't really advertise the fact. Since I wanted to keep the blog up as a reminder of a period in my life, not to mention in case I felt the need to review one of my divrei Torahs, I figured I would leave the blog as is, and let me silence do the talking.

However, I have decided that, for the time being at least, life still interesting enough to merit keeping this blog. I'll be posting some entries that I had kicking around so you can catch up on what's being going on in the interim.

Thanks again to all my loyal readers. It's all of you have made my blogging enjoyable. Keep the comments coming. :)


  1. I'm glad someone is excited about it. ;)

  2. Yatta!
    And if got nothing to post, do what I do and post music, but not 10 at once though.