Sunday, November 15, 2009

Run Baby!

As you can tell by my recent tweets, I started up running again this past week. Today I made my third run, and this time I decided to up the time to 30 minutes. It's a good thing.

Anyhow, sometimes people are surprised to learn that I used to be very hardcore about running. I mean, I wasn't fanatical, along the lines of those who do the NY marathon, for example. But I was dedicated and ran daily.

It's a funny story how running presented itself as an exercise option, and I figure now is as good a time as any to share the saga. Hope you enjoy!

About 15 years ago, I was at the fitness level of an elite athlete. I trained with the guys, and enjoyed a level of strength, flexibility and endurance that had taken years of a strict physical lifestyle to achieve. And that's when it happened: my trainer told me that the only way I could continue to improve is if I started running; nothing else would do the job any longer.

Now back then, I hated running. I hated the mere thought of it. It seemed inane, and more to the point, all the runners I knew were on the whole rather annoying types. So when my trainer delivered this little message, you can imagine my reaction:

Trainer: You've got to start running. There's no other way.
Me: I don't run.
Trainer: You're going to have to.
Me: I. Don't. Run.
Trainer: Well, we're going to change that.
Me: Keep dreaming.

It's obvious who won that battle. I started running, and true to my expectations, I hated it. I would rather go on the highest level of the StairMaster or the highest incline on the treadmill all day long rather than run for even 5 minutes. I just felt like a moron.

So what changed? I wish I could say. But one day about 6 years ago I decided to start adding intervals of jogging to my cardio. And I suddenly found myself enjoying it. So I began to build up my jogging time until I could jog for an hour. Then I worked on my speed.

Of course, moving to Brooklyn, where running is considered very untznius, put a wrench in my routine. I continued to run indoors, which isn't the most effective method but better than nothing, until the car accident.

Then last week, feeling a bit like a blob, I decided that Brooklyn would just have to get over itself, and decided to give running a trial run. The rest, they say, is history. If any of my female readers is interested in going together for a run, let me know!


  1. I used to jog in previous life. Hated it in the beginning, grew to loving it within two weeks. Then there was summer break that got me out of me routine, and there was that. Sometimes I miss running... I hope you enjoy!

  2. SW, I was serious about going for run together. You just let me know. It could be an occassional thing, if that works best with your schedule. :)

  3. Can't jog, flat feet :-(

    I was more surprised that you used to be a judoka. You don't really have the body type. Karate, muay thai, but judo?

  4. Moshe, I have shoulders. That, and quick reflexes, is all you need for judo. :)

    Oh, and btw, I'm now up to 45 minutes. WOOT.

  5. 45 minutes?! I hate you so much. :-P