Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Random Thoughts

A few thoughts that have been rolling around in the old noggin this week, courtesy of the influx of people returning after the summer.
  • Honking: Why, if they see that the roadway is completely blocked so that no cars can negotiate moving, do drivers insist on leaning on the horn? How about a smidgen of patience people? Since last Thursday, the symphony of honking has been a non-stop, all-day/night affair. Give it a rest already!
  • Staring: What's with the open-mouthed stare anyway? I was wearing white this past Sunday, and two teenagers gave me the Brooklyn double-take, complete with the over-the-shoulder look. Since when is white assur? I decided to let the Satan win for the moment, and catching their eye over-the-shoulder as well, gave a loud "RUDE!". Seriously...
  • Schooling: What's with the half-day on the first day of school? Is the only reason because the teachers need the afternoon to try to garner their outstanding pay from last year? And by the way, school is now officially what the playgroup downstairs is being called. Because yes folks, it is now a year-long affair!

I think it's time I have another peanut butter brownie, eh? Maybe with a little swig of something stronger than tea to take the edge of my nerves. :p For everyone's sake.


  1. I am with you on honking. Never understood this honking business.

  2. Went to check out the new Tea For Two on the cursed corner on M. Interesting menu, though again most sushi's American, and constant bloody honking!

  3. Oh, is that what the new restaurant is? I tried to make out the name from across the street yesterday while on Coney, and couldn't figure it out.

    Are the prices better than the Kings Highway branches?

  4. Never been to the one on Kings Highway.
    Miso soup $5, soba salad $9, udon $13.