Monday, September 15, 2008

Number 2

Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary. And today was my first day at my new job. So it's been an eventful few days (yes, nothing new for us, I know!).

Since my husband payed a surprisingly large bill for my birthday dinner the other week- due to the astonishingly high gratuity and taxes that the restaurant automatically charges (we had split an appetizer and entree)- I was most willing to keep things simple and have dinner last night at one of our favourite cheapie restaurants in Flatbush. The only downside to the said haunt is that the service consists mainly of attitude from the young, tourist/Israeli wait staff. In short, between the language barrier and just plain lack of interest in their job, service is a gamble. We tried a new dish though, which was as usual very good. Hence why we frequent the spot- the food is as consistent as the service is spotty. For a decently priced meal these days, it's worth the compromise. Unfortunately, dinner ended poorly, with my husband's credit card being double charged instead of having the initial bill, which was incorrect, credited back. I guess that's just our mazel.

My husband meet me this morning, and we had brunch together before he drove me into the city for my job training session. It was such a nice few hours. Brunch was good, we sat for a bit afterwards in Dunkin Donuts, and the drive in to town was fun. The training session ran over, naturally, and I think they were a little short on information we needed immediately- such as how we submit our time- but the team was very nice, and my fellow new writers seemed like a good bunch. Our managers even bought snacks (treif), coffee (treif), and Pelegrino (SCORE) for us. So I left feeling very positive. Hashem even smiled on me with my metro ride home, which was blissfully quick (I love lower Manhattan), relatively clean, and remarkably quiet.

All in all, an exceptionally good day, B'H'.

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