Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Double Ick

I wish I could say I was just taking a break from it all since my last post, but instead I've just been running ragged, comme toujours.

First, I received a response to my application for a job posting that, while failing to mention either pay rate or duration, sounded interesting. It did indeed turn out to be interesting, but only because the headhunter who was subcontracting the position turned out to be the Headhunter-from-Hell. On top of the position paying the same rate as I received during my internship 10 years ago while also requiring a 4 hour assessment, the said headhunter wound up being Mr. Condescending. Why is it so difficult to find people at staffing agencies who are respectful and refrain from treating you like you are either a child or someone who should be gratefully kissing their feet? But since I have been looking for a chance to return to the same type of work that caused me to begin my current career, I persevered with the process. The end result? I spent from Friday to midnight last night dealing with all of the job requirements, which had to be in by first thing this morning, only to receive no reply by noon as had been promised. Since the situation is unfortunately common, I have decided that going forward I will refrain from wasting my time on assessments, etc. If they want samples of my work, fine, but otherwise, why squander hours of my life for jobs that ultimately prove painful (long hours, heavy workload, bad commute, poor pay, high pressure, etc.)?

Then, there the medical visit yesterday required by the insurance company for my lawsuit. The visit was ostensibly a "followup" to the claims I made during my deposition. However, the insurance company in question is for the car in which I was travelling, i.e., the company who should be covering the bills stemming from my hospital visits/recovery. Since the other driver had such a paltry policy, "my" insurance company, or rather the insurance company of my in-laws/husband, want to avoid having to pay anything out to me. In short, their insurance company is treating my husband and in-laws as requiring defense against my claims. To add insult to injury, they made me travel to East Flatbush to view a physician, which is not exactly the safest neighbourhood on the planet. The visit proved comical, involving lots of questions from the examining physician, who then attempted to abruptly curtail my answers/explanations. The purpose of the charade was to prove that I am just fine and dandy now, thank you. Yet more farcical fodder for my future memoirs, I suppose.

So that's what I've been up to the last several days. I think I should spend the afternoon doing some much needed R&R to recuperate; I'm thinking a homemade facial as I read my library book. I have, after all, only renewed the book twice because I've been busy dealing with all of this other ballyhoo. And who knows? If the R&R goes well, I might even go whole hog and allow myself to (gasp) take a nap. ;=)

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