Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ha Ha (Squared)

Today being a day of commemoration, I would like to share a story that my mother told me yesterday about my Uncle Leo, who passed away last week (see Tale of Two Uncles).

As a young man, he and his brother went to buy a present for their mother who was not well at the time. Since she was constantly cold, they thought that a bed coat would be a perfect gift. Upon presenting her with the gift however, she responded "What am I going to do with a bed coat? I want jewelry". So the boys diligently exchanged the gift for a bracelet. One evening soon after, their mother commented that she was cold. To which they quipped: "Why don't you put on your bracelet?".

My uncle, olev hashalom, was , like everyone in my family (yours truly included), a character. But one thing that you could definitely say about him was that he had a wonderfully dry wit. More to the point, he was incredibly sweet to me, and treated me as if I was his own daughter, always assuming a loving stance towards me that was simultaneously protective and attentive. In short, I loved him, I miss him, and I hope he knows that although as I grew up we became less involved in each other's lives, I will always think of him with love and appreciation. Here's to you, Uncle Leo!

To all of you whose lives were affected by the event that happened 7 years ago today, may your hearts and minds be filled with only fond memories of those you lost too early and may Hashem ease your pain.

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