Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chocolate Rain Man

I was a lucky girl: my husband picked me up from work in Manhattan today and then treated me to a trip to my favourite Dollar Store plus ice cream. At said Dollar Store, I did a "Rain Man" imitation according to my husband, as I pointed out all of the lovely kosher chocolate delights available. Me: Chocolate (point), Chocolate (point), Chocolate (point), Chocolate (point), etc. My husband ended up buying me snack size Dark Snickers just to calm me down already.

Speaking of dairy, I always find it amusing how much dairy products yiddin consume on Shavuos. My hosts this chag were very into the minhag: sliced cheese, stuffed shells, blintzes, cheesecake. All at one meal. While I admire anyone who fulfills the mitzvah so fully, what amuses me is that fact that the vast majority of Jews are lactose intolerant. We just are not made for dairy. I giggle at the thought of all the pharmacies in the Tri-State area running out of Lactaid last week...

On the topic of fulfilling a mitzvah to the fullest, i.e. with complete enthusiasm, I must award my husband a round of applause. He hates cheese with a passion, but there he was at each dairy meal, shovelling it down with abandon. All I can say is, what to go!

An epilogue to my last post: things did improve for me once the chag started, and as I predicted, they did so because of my grandmother's yartzheit. I had a little crisis with her candle, but once it was securely lit after briefly going out, it burned until early this morning. Oddly enough, this year I really felt her presence for the first time. I mean, instead of the usual feeling I have had in the past on her yartzheit ("I am honouring my grandmother whose name I share but who I never personally met") , I had the persistent feeling that she was really "with me" in a tangible way. So the chag definitely had an extra "plus" note- I met my grandmother, so to speak.

I think the floors are dry, so I had better go finish setting the table for Shabbos. Shabbat Shalom/Good Shabbos, everyone!

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