Sunday, June 29, 2008

Addendum: Korach's Wife

Over Shabbos lunch, while we were discussing the parshah, I made a comment that caused my husband to exclaim: Put that on your blog!!! In the name of Shalom Bayis, here it is ;=)

Korach painted himself as unsuitable to be Kohain Gadol with his very words. As I have previously mentioned in other posts, kohanim are the very embodiment of peace, and propagate peace above all else. It is precisely due to this trait that they can serve in the Beit HaMigdash, since the underlying purpose of this service is to procure favour/forgiveness for the klal. The same goes for being the conduit for bestowing blessings.

How then could Korach, who incited a rebellion, and whose arguments were predicated on accentuating the divisions amongst the klal, i.e., the transferring of the service of the first-born to the Kohanim, be of adequate character to act as Kohain Gadol?

That's the scoop...

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