Saturday, March 22, 2008

Purim/Parshah Tzav

Alright, so I spoke too soon. The rest of my Purim was very hectic and included a few disappointments. But hey, I can also say that I had a really nice conversation with a woman Friday morning, someone who I had spent a good deal of time chatting with at the wedding I attended this week. And I got to see my friends briefly as I dropped off shalach manot, some of whom I had not seen for a few months. The day was not a total wash.

I was thinking aloud during melave malkah, and ended up with a divar Torah. How about that? When I read parshah Tzav, I initially wondered what the purpose of reiterating (again) the inauguration service of the Kohanim could be. Then I saw in the chumash notes that this parshah was specifically for the Kohanim, to explain to them the service. So I said, if that was true, then the purpose of Tzav is to simultaneously show to Klal Yisroel (since we all hear the parshah) that the Kohanim are distinct, but for a non-elitist reason. Since they function as the conduit through which we gain teshuvah, while they are distinct they are also accessible to us; as the parshah highlights with its detailed description of the numerous korbanos offered daily during the 7 day inaugural period, the Kohanim offer korbanos to atone for any wrongdoings prior to the inauguration, as well as to offer thanksgiving. Thus, like us, they must offer korbanos to atone just as, when the Beit HaMigdash is standing, Klal Yisroel can offer korbanos. One should therefore not feel that the Kohen is above us. Rather the Kohen is here to serve us, to be the one who performs the services that help us gain forgiveness from Hashem, and experience His love for us.

Gut voch!

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