Thursday, March 20, 2008


Purim is such an intense day; you go from the physical exertion of Taanis Esther (I tend to get a little headache and get really sleepy around 2-3 PM) to the joy of the megillah reading in the evening, and the seudah and shalach manos the following morning.

This evening I dipped into a shul where I know one family in particular, and shared a megillah with their daughter. The daughter, who is a full-fledged teenager, was disappointed at first that only two girls were dressed up. Then, B'H', another family walked in and they were every last one of them decked out. And the Rebbetzin is very sweet. She was concerned that there was an empty when there were people standing, and she tried diligently to fill the seat. The reading was very clear, and made the mitzvah a pleasure to perform (I spend most years desperately craning my head towards the mechitzah, trying to catch every word and praying vehemently that I do not have to stay for the next reading because I miss a word here or there). So, my Purim has been an absolute pleasure so far. Well, despite the hour I just spent once I came home cleaning the apartment for Shabbos!

Just one note. While I was listening to the megillah this evening, it occurred to me that if you stop and think about the story of Purim, it really is incredible. I mean, every part of the story evidences Yaad Hashem. With that realization in mind, I found my sense of joy was heightened, as it very well should be. When you recognize a miracle, it makes you that much more grateful to Hashem, and you feel joy more easily. More to the point, it makes you want to share the joy.

Which is what Purim is all about. A freiliche Purim, everyone!

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