Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I managed to sleep in until 9:30 this morning, despite the daily din of the downstairs children and the blast of sunshine that shone through my bedroom window. I knew however that my supervisor wouldn't be sending our next assignments before 9:30, so I figured I was still in decent shape. I quickly davened (sorry Hashem), and then logged on to see what awaited it.

Turns out not a heck of a lot. After about 3 hours or so of work, suddenly the place was shutting down for Thanskgiving. They may be sending some work my way Friday morning, which carries with it the usual set of problems, but it would seem that between now and then, I'm pretty much off-duty. I say pretty much because there does seem to be a slight chance that the Senior Manager may be sending some work to me at some point this afternoon. One thing about my current job, which seems to be slowly but surely winding down- they tend to keep you hanging over assignments, since they are dependent on the client, and the client is kind of indecisive. It's trickle down economics at its best.

The day is whizzing by for some unknown reason, possibly because I'm so exhausted these days that most days either drag on or pass with lightening speed. But I find myself beginning to decompress a bit with the happy thought that for the next 36 hours, I'm basically a free agent. I have a gazillion errands that I'm running tomorrow, mainly because it feels like a special treat to be able to do them on a "regular" weekday, although businesses will be either closed or closing early. The one item on my "To Do" list is to pick up my sheitel from the salon. I am *so* excited to see how it came out, and I'm telling myself to remember when I see it that I still need to take it to my sheitelmacher to have her set it, i.e., I should reserve judgment until I see the final creation in all its glory.

Until then (in case I don't feel inspired to blog tomorrow), to everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving, Happy Turkey Day! I hope everyone's cranberry sauce turns out...

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