Thursday, November 27, 2008

And the verdict is in

I picked up my sheitel!

Hashem decided to throw a bone my way; the "spa" took it upon themselves to set the sheitel despite my having requested only a colouring. I must say though that I would definitely consider using this place as backup in case my regular woman is unavailable. They made the sheitel look stylishly modern- and I'm not someone who feels that following fashion is wrong, in case you're wondering. The only snafu was that the receptionist is far over on the rude side. What can you do? Life is about navigating compromises.

But back to the sheitel. :=)

I keep picking up the head and looking at it from all angles. If I hadn't dropped off my "Shabbos" sheitel to be washed today, I would probably have avoided wearing this one on Shabbos in an attempt to revel in its beauty a while longer. They managed to make the back fall straight and even, despite being layered. Quite the feat. The main reason why I *love* my current woman, aside from the fact that I happen to find her a hoot and like her immensely as a person, is the fact that she has thus far been the only person who has been able to keep my sheitel from looking matronly. So if any of you need a reference for a good place here in Flatbush, just let me know.

As for the colour! While I had been wanting something in a light brunette, and this is definitely a medium dark blond, the colour is a warm caramel with hints of strawberry. Beautiful. I mean, I seriously would *eat* it if I could; it actually looks that appealing.

Now that I have two "good" sheitels though, I find myself begging the question: do I bite the bullet and get myself a winter coat with a hood? I notice that on Shabbos, none of the ladies wear a hood over their sheitel, so I am wondering how wrecked one's sheitel becomes from being exposed to snow. Of course, on the warmth front, I must admit that a hood is an asset in New York weather, especially since it does tend towards precipitation around these parts. Nothing like winter sleet! Feel free to post your suggestions on the matter.

As for me, I think I need to go look at my sheitel one more time before I shove it on my head and go out the door for some dinner with my husband. That is, if I can bear mussing up the coiff. ;=)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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