Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bug-gety, Bug

So, my husband was concerned about some symptoms he was having, and he asked if I could google it for him. While I found the much-needed information (B'H', nothing serious), I also managed to click an innocuous-looking link and BLAMMO. Hello Virus City. Again.

You know, I like to think of myself as tech-savvy; I have worked most of my life in techie fields, most recently software. Yet, my good ol' laptop seems to just eat up these viruses/trojan horses/malware wherever they can be found. And, yes, I do keep all my protective software up-to-date (am I not Yekki, people?). I am consequently beginning to suspect that part of my slew of recent computer problems is due to my ISP. I mean, I never had these problems before living in Brooklyn. Indeed, despite power failures resulting in lack of telecom due to hurricanes during my time in the south, I never had problems with telecom either until I came here and started using digital phone service. But then I began to experience service outages that lasted days, people stealing my service, etc. Hmmmm.

It just goes to show you: fork out the necessary cash to equip yourself with all the security bells and whistles. Because when push comes to shove, on the internet, anyone can be the enemy, including the very source, your beloved connection.

Now, it's time for me to run yet another full scan with Norton Anti-Virus...If anyone has tips who lives in the NYC area and has experienced similar problems, please let me know.

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