Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mummy!

Ok, so now it's past midnight and it is no longer my Mom's birthday (Yes, the same week as my father's. My grandparents even had their birthdays the same week. Freaky, no?). But, B'H', I managed to catch her post-chag before she went to bed, and sing her Happy Birthday. And, while I ended up being disappointed with how the last days played out, partially due to the fact that I wished that I could celebrate my mother's birthday with her, my poor Ma had an awful day Sunday. So when she said that I made her evening, I quipped that she had made my day. A true statement indeed.

I was further disappointed when I spoke to her this evening though. Last week she had mentioned a book that she wanted to get, and so I was planning to ask her when we spoke erev Shabbos if I could get it for her. But wouldn't you know, she went out the day after we spoke earlier in the week and bought it herself- not that I need a reminder of where I get my independent streak from. Anyhow, when I mentioned that I had wanted to order the book for her, she said it was easier to get it herself. To which I responded: why, am I not allowed to do something nice for you? Thankfully she said "Of course"; there's nothing worse than when someone won't let you do something for them! In true motherly fashion, she was thrilled enough that I sang her Happy Birthday so many times (I sang it to her on Friday in case things ran too late tonight to call). So I guess I will have to think up another excuse to get her a present!

Hope everyone had a good end to the chag. While every day may not be a winner, at least it's another day that Hashem has given us, no? When I have "crummy days", they do make me appreciate the "good days" more. Then again, I have work quite hard to remind myself of that sometimes, LOL.

I'll let everyone get back to their pizza. As for me, it's going to be a hectic day for me back at the office later this morning, so I'm looking forward to getting some shut-eye. 'Night!

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