Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chol HaMoed

First off, I hope everyone had a great start to the chag. I personally loved the sedorim we attended (especially the second one, since it was yekkish, LOL). And, the family we went to for both lunches are just too sweet and down-to-earth as can be, i.e. very special people. Who could complain about such company? Especially when Malkie, our hostess, makes everything pretty, tasty, yet understated. A rare combination to match a rare family.

Unfortunately, I have to work during Chol HaMoed, which dampens the whole Pesach experience for me a bit. B'H' though, despite my having worked a full day today (my usual 10 hours), my boss allowed me to work from home. That change was enough to signal to me that it is Chol HaMoed, so I cannot complain. Actually, let's be honest: to not have to go through the ordeal of taking NY MTA during rush hour is a mechaya. Enough said.

If I do not get around to writing anything else this week, let me close with this: a happy, healthy, kosher, safe Pesach for everyone. May we use this Pesach to focus on the lessons of both the sedorim and the omer, and by doing so, may we transform ourselves sufficiently to merit the ultimate geulah, and find ourselves in Yerushalayim.

A Guten Moed!

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