Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Year for the Trees

Since there is about a half hour left of Tu B'Shevat, I figured I'll wish everyone a Happy "New Year of the Trees" while there's still time. :=)

I've always loved this day, even as a child. We used to mark it by eating figs, of course, which I admit to only developing a taste for in the last few years; I was definitely more into fighting off the other kids to obtain a date or olive. But we also bought trees from JNF, and I still remember to this day how impossibly proud I was each time I received that certificate (with my name on it!) showing that somewhere in Eretz Yisroel there was a tree because of my contribution.

While on the topic of trees, and nature in general, I've been getting psyched up to start saying Perek Shira. Being Ms. Friend-of-Nature, I figured that saying it would remind me of my place in the universe, not to mention remember to be extremely grateful to Hashem for the incredible beauty and purpose of His World. For all of you fellow nature lovers out there, I would definitely recommend it.

So that's the story for now. A Guten Tu B'Shevat to everyone, and let's all go eat some more boxer (and enjoy another beautiful sunset, courtesy of Hashem)!


  1. One can purchase Perek Shira CD, in which songs are performed in Hebrew, and in which one can hear true sounds of creation such as sounds of animals, rain, thunder, etc.

    On the back of my CD I found this information:
    In U.S.A. call (718) 252-5420

    Written by Shulamis

  2. I am becoming much more aware of the beautiful world around me since I started saying Perek Shira. Perek Shira is very uplifting. It’s written that when one says Perek Shira, the benefits are enormous.


  3. By the way, did you grab a tree's branch on Tu B'Shvat and say "L'Shana Toiva Mr. Tree." ?

    Though I still believe 16 Shvat is Three B'Shvat. I decided that when I was 7, and never changed my mind.